PMC 1189

Pea harvester

The 1189 is the latest model of pea harvester from PMC and it continues to set the standard for pea harvesting machinery. Designed to harvest green peas, borlotti and flageolet beans, the 1089 can also be adapted to harvest broad beans. Featuring the latest electronic and engineering technology the 1189 maximises performance and delivers the highest quality product.

Available in two options, 6 wheel-drive incorporating 4 wheel steering or with driven rubber tracks, the Claas TerraTrac ™, on the front and a driven, steered rear axle for harvesting in the most extreme conditions. The 1089, with Claas Vista climate controlled cabin, complete with PMC’s latest HVSt touch screen electronic monitoring and control system, is powered by a 325kW turbo liquid-cooled diesel engine. It has a picking width option of either 3.3, 3.6 or 3.8 metres, making it suitable for all customer applications

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