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After sales 1After sales 2After sales 3We pride ourselves on good after sales service. Our customer service and support is well respected in the industry and we consider ourselves fortunate to have a very loyal and experienced team of employees.

Customer assisted start-up of a new machine is provided, worldwide, from our experienced technicians or local agent.

24/7 technical support is available during peak harvesting periods.

Service Contracts are offered, which, for a fixed fee, include out of season machine overhaul and in-season spare parts providing customer peace of mind and facilitating their financial planning.

Machine surveys can be requested either post or pre-harvesting to provide the customer with a detailed report and if required, recommended spare parts.
As a result, machine overhauls can be carried out to customer requirements, maintaining and extending the optimum working life of the machine.

Our Spare Parts team combines many years of product and customer experience and technical knowledge, their objective being good customer service in terms of availability of parts and speedy and timely delivery worldwide. Supplementing our in-house team is a global network of agents and consignment stock warehouses, offering a local service to our customers throughout the world.

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