Two new PMC potato harvesters have started work on the 2013 crop.

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Two new PMC potato harvesters have made a strong start to the season for two Norfolk Growers. Following the decision in 2012 to market potato machinery through Fakenham based PMC Harvesters two machines were sold and delivered to customers A. L Legge & Sons and Ralph Harrison and Partners in time for the start of the 2013 harvest.

The machine sold to A. L Legge & Sons is an AR-3W, 3-row elevator model featuring a PMC-designed soil and haulm separator and 1.5t holding bunker.

PMC AR3W Potato Harvester

PMC AR3W Potato Harvester


John and James Harrison of Ralph Harrison & Partners received delivery of an AR-4B, a 4-row bunker model featuring two separate 2-row diggers and a 12t bunker. This machine is specified with 3 webs and axial rollers.

PMC AR4B Potato Harvester

PMC AR4B Potato Harvester


Both machines are available with 3 or 4-row intakes and a wide range of cleaning configurations including webs, axial rollers and a soil and haulm separator.

Power comes from a 12L, 400hp motor and hydrostatic transmission. Running gear consists of row-crop wheels on the front axle and tracks on the rear, with independent rear-axle steering.

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